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A visit to Oakey

1st April 2015

Caribou Cargo staff will be visiting Oakey during the ARMY Museum Fly-In on the 18-19 April.   During the visit we will be inspecting the aircraft still there.


Caribou Documentary on Channel 7TWO

24th March 2015

Watch Channel 7TWO on the 19th April at 7:30PM for the "UNTOLD STORIES OF THE CARIBOU"


50th Anniversary Caps

8th September 2014

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153153035994638&set=pcb.10152641058787180&type=1&permPage=1 and order your cap to help the Peek-A-Bou project.


Caribou 50th Anniversary

11th August 2014

This weekend marks 50 Years since the first Caribou was deployed to Vietnam.   Past and present members who have been involved in the Caribou Operations from Vietnam to their retirement in 2009 will attend a function in Coffs Harbour.


Here is to another 50 Years for the good old Gravel Truck.


HARS Caribou at Point Cook

17th March 2014

A4-210 attended the "Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show" at Point Cook earlier this month.   Accompanied by the HARS Catalina and the DC3, the Caribou did not dissapoint the crowds by filling the skies with the beautifle drone of the radials and her amazing STOL performance.

Thanks to all who stopped by to view the aircraft and offer support to help keep her in the air.

Caribous will be airbourne next at the "Wings over Illawarra Air Show" in May 2014.


Congrats Ryan Campbell

6th September 2013

Ryan Campbell is scheduled to arrive back in Wollongong tomorrow after his around the world flight.   Well Done.



17th June 2013


MILSPEC Services from Queensland, Australian Agent for FIELD Aviation of Canada, donate much needed spares to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) based near Wollongong, NSW.

This Wednesday 19 June 2013 at 11am, MILSPEC Services will hand over $2.2Million of "NEW SURPLUS" spare parts to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at 99 Spencer Road, Carrara, Queensland.

The inventory was originally stockpiled to support the RAAF Caribou Fleet which was retired in 2009. Caribou Cargo Pty Ltd facilitated the donation of the spares to HARS in their continuing support to help keep the Caribou Flying for many years to come.

"When the Caribou aircraft retired from the RAAF, we contemplated what to do with our stock of now obsolete Caribou spares. We had two options, sell to an overseas operator or scrap them. But then we thought "No, let's donate them to HARS and assist in keeping an important part of Australian aviation history in the air". For many years the Caribou provided strong income for our business and it's now time for us to give something back. Steve Byrne "Director MILSPEC Services"

"Without spares support, it is difficult to keep any aircraft in the air. With aircraft built in the 1960/1970's it is even more difficult to find the components needed to ensure they can attend events throughout Australia. Deprived of the work of organisations such as HARS, the general public would never get to see these priceless pieces of Australia's Aviation History where they should be; in the sky." Paul Strike "Managing Director Caribou Cargo"




4th May 2013

Have a great time at the WOI everyone.   Be safe and enjoy the flying and the static displays.   Remember, HARS is a purely volunteer organisation.   Please give freely to keep the aircraft in the air.



25th April 2013




11th March 2013

Both HARS Caribou aircraft attend Avalon 2013.   210 and 234 were onsite for the event and there was a steady stream of people to visit the old "Gravel Truck".   Thanks to all who stopped by and gave your support.


Assistance for HARS

20th February 2013

Caribou Cargo continues assistance for HARS Caribous. Come visit the "BOU CREW" at Avalon Air Show.


DeHavilland Dragon

3rd October 2012

Caribou Cargo is sad to hear of the incident with Des Porter, his DeHavilland Dragon and the passengers.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families.



24th September 2012

Caribou Cargo is Co-Ordinating a fundraising effort to have the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Ex-RAAF DHC-4 Caribou A4-210 attend the Caboolture Warplane Museum "Antique Aircraft Day" on the 18th November 2012.


We have created a page in the RADIAL AIRCRAFT section of our website so you can keep a track of our fundraising progress and details on how to make a donation or provide sponsorship for the event.


People who whish to donate any amount over $2 will receive a Tax Receipt as a donation to HARS.  www.hars.org.au   Also, if we get the aircraft to Caboolture, you may enter into the aircraft for a look-see for a donation.


More information on the day can be found at: www.caboolturewarplanemuseum.com



Caribou Cargo continues support to HARS

16th August 2012

With the support of Viking Air in Canada, Caribou Cargo provides HARS with a current technical library for the DHC-4A Caribou.   These publications will assist in maintaining the aircraft.   Caribou Cargo continues to provide unwaivering support to the preservation of the DHC-4 Caribou. 


Turbo Caribou "On the Job"

9th March 2012

Take a few minutes to see the Turbo Caribou in action. 4 months of operation delivering 500 tonnes of cargo with 100% dispatch reliability.




We could certainly use the Turbo Caribou in Australia for disaster relief.




24th December 2011

The Caribou Cargo team wishes all our customers, friends and family all the best for the festive season.   Please be safe and see you in 2012.


Official handover of Caribous to HARS

15th November 2011

Caribou Cargo staff are attending by invitation, the official handover of the 2 DHC-4 Caribou aircraft.   The Minister for Defence will handover the aircraft at 14:00Hrs at the HARS facility at Albion Park.


A4-234 Arrives in Albion Park

2nd November 2011

The second HARS Caribou arrived at Albion Park safely.


A4-210 departs Oakey

29th October 2011

HARS has successfully relocated A4-210 from Oakey to Albert Park near Wollongong.  Congratulations to the team.   It is reported that minimal maintenance was required to ensure serviceability of the aircraft.   Ex-RAAF Flight Engineer David East was on-board and reports the aircraft performed flawlessly, despite being parked in a field for just on 2 years.



28th September 2011

Caribou Cargo and PK Aviation donates a cash sum to assist HARS in road transportation costs to collect the DHC-4 Caribou spares packages and transport them to the HARS Hangar.


PK Aviation and Caribou Cargo also offers assistance to provide CASA B1 and B2 LAME with DHC-4 experience  for aircraft relocation. 


RAAF Caribou Disposal

20th September 2011

Caribou Cargo advises it was not successful in acquiring an aircraft and spares package.   The team at Caribou Cargo wishes Amrock Aviation the best in their endeavours and stands by to assist where required.


Congratulations also to HARS and the team.   A tough job lies ahead in keeping all historic aircraft operational so we may all continue to enjoy their beauty and never forget the service they performed. 


Turbo Caribou MSN 238 Sold

15th August 2011

Turbo Caribou MSN 238 sold in August 2011 to operate in the USA.
MSN 303 next on the line with a forecast delivery date of Q3 - 2012.


RAAF Caribou History

9th May 2011

Caribou Cargo has been collecting information to have a central point of information regarding the history of the DHC-4 Caribou in RAAF Service.


Please visit our "Radial Aircraft" page and check the menu on the left

for information about each individual aircraft.


This is a work in progress and will expand over time.


Did you work on, fly in, or just admire the old gravel truck?


We request and appreciate any photos, video or stories from individuals

who would like to share their Caribou Stories so we may

preserve the memory of this unique aircraft and the unswerving job

she performed for the Australian public and our neighbours,

during her 45 years of service with the Royal Australian Air Force



3rd March 2011

There has been significant interest and support in the concept and introduction of the TURBO Caribou in Australia. Some interesting suggestions have been made to IMPROVE? the Turbo Caribou so it will satisfy the die-hard Caribou lovers struggling with the idea of the Turbo-prop conversion.

  1. Install a smoke generator in each engine nacelle so it will emit a plume of white smoke on engine start-up. (Suggested by an RAAF Wing Commander)
  2. Install a loud-speaker system in the bottom of the aircraft to play Radial Engine sounds very loud while flying around (Suggested by a retired RAAF Caribou pilot)
  3. Install a spray system to disperse a fine mist of oil while the engine is in operation. (Suggested by a retired RAAF Aircraft Technician)

Thank you to all the people who have shared their Caribou stories and offered their best wishes for the success of Caribou Cargo.

Paul Strike.



12th January 2011

Caribou Cargo contacts Emergency Services in Queensland, NSW and Victoria to advise that we standby to assist.


Merry Christmas

22nd December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. The hangar will be closed until the 4th Jan 2011 but emails will be checked over the holiday period.

Stay safe and have a great festive season.

The Caribou Cargo Team


Interest Continues

12th November 2010

Interest continues to stream in with potential customers wanting to utilize the TURBO Caribou.  

Negotiations commence with 3 seperate operators who desire to have the aircraft secured by the end of 2010.


24 May 2010

24th May 2010

Caribou Cargo meets with PNG AOC holders.
Some more interested than others and agreement in principle is reached to operate the DHC-4A "Turbo Caribou". Formal agreements and regulatory work to follow.


May 2010

1st May 2010

Requests for Quotes start rolling in. Interest in the TC building.


14 April 2010

14th April 2010

Caribou Cargo publishes a "Teaser" in the Australian Aviation magazine.


9 April 2010

9th April 2010

Caribou Cargo signs MOU with Tugupa Gas Resources in PNG. Tugupa Gas Resources is a PNGLNG Landowner group who desires freight operations with Caribou Cargo when customers are established to support the PNGLNG Project.


24 March 2010

24th March 2010

Caribou Cargo announces it's formulation as a Pty Ltd company in Australia


March 2010

1st March 2010

Caribou Cargo secures an operational DHC-4A Caribou (Turbo). Based in the USA, this aircraft is ready to dispatch to any location worldwide to service customers who desire the unique capabilities of this famous aircraft.